Chen Zhou: the mirror will disappear in the world soon

  • Date: 2020.10.16
  • Sort: News

In "I'm not not not Chen Zhou" broadcasted on TV in a slightly joking, bright lemon-yellow room, a pair of twin actors improvised a series of dialogues with a madman’s self-talk and the artist’s dubbing. together. The lines created based on the exchanges between the artist and friends (Li Ming, Li Ran, Yu Honglei, etc.) in real life reveal fragments of information about the artist’s identity, leading the audience to piece together a vague impression of "Chen Zhou", and as an artist in the video Stand-in, impromptu twins engage in internal thinking and arouse introspection. In the middle of the exhibition hall, the artist dropped the absurdity and uncertainty on the ground. The humanoid traces of a crime scene and a joke book named "My Favorite Joke" show the emptiness and embarrassment of the fictional personal aphasia. Although relatively recent performance records that are closer to daily actions, the artist’s previous images show more exaggerated dramatic performances and ample emotional experience, but since the early creation in 2013, the artist has personally recognized his The rhetorical question of knowledge still exists today, inducing more or less anxiety and mental torture.

A piece of solid blue appears on the wall in the middle of the exhibition hall in the size of the canvas commonly used by artists, and an inverted mirror is inlaid in it. The artist switches the space from yellow to blue on the first floor, bringing the audience from the carnival story scene into self-reflection In the silence. "For me, blue gradually ceased to be a color. It became a kind of space, especially quiet. In the past few years before blue, I used yellow a lot. Yellow is a kind of bright and The color of pleasure. It was the time when I was exposed to Zen Buddhism. I was in a state of madness, and I especially liked that kind of madness. To put it bluntly, I went to look back on those things that I had back then, but in fact I couldn’t help myself. The line traverses the center of the blue block and leans toward the ground. This is the red-covered stage chosen by Chen Zhou for the first time. The artist will sit on it for the first live performance: “I’m just sitting there, wearing a mask and looking in the mirror. The eyes of the mask are blocked, so I can’t see the mirror. But I still hold the mirror and look at myself. Lasts three hours."

At the end of the exhibition hall is a huge broken mirror. It seems that some people whisper in the space: "Everything is not unbreakable." Through this exhibition, the artist aggregates his summary of the intertextual relationship between images and space for several years, and adds to the vortex of belief, experience, and the surrounding world in the inner world. Eyes allow the comparison between old and new works and color symbols to bring the viewer into the conceptual world of misplaced mirror images.

The exhibition will last from April 18, 2020 to July 12, 2020.