Hunsand Space

Hunsand Space (Beijing) was established in Caochangdi Art District in 2014, relocated to the 798 Art Zone in 2018. At the end of 2021, Hunsand Center for Contemporary Art (Shijiazhuang) was opened in Shijiazhuang. In 2023, Hunsand Space (Hangzhou) was founded in Long Wu, Hangzhou. As a professional gallery, Hunsand Space (Beijing) keeps vigilance in presenting art exhibitions with conventional way in white cubes, aiming to take the semantics and syntax from the language of contemporary art as a point of departure and expand them into a broader field. Through its vigorous programs of exhibitions and projects, Hunsand Space (Beijing) hopes to stimulate the neglected aspects in contemporary culture and brings the values of contemporary art into our lives. In addition to exhibiting contemporary art exhibitions, Hunsand Center for Contemporary Art (Shijiazhuang) as an art complex is dedicated to presenting public programs, lectures, art workshops, art merchandise, catering and many other activities and services. Relying on geographical differences, the Center's mission is to integrate artistic and audible practices into geographical and humanistic dimensions, by which to experience and pursue the differences and connections between being traditional and modern, local and international, on-site and territorial, personal and historical, spiritual and physical, bringing the ideas of contemporary art into more people's lives.