Liang Quan|The Fifth Jinji Lake Biennale Self·Changwuzhi Contemporary Art Exhibition

  • Date: 2020.11.19
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On September 6, the Fifth Suzhou·Jinji Lake Biennale kicked off in the Ligongdi Cultural and Creative District of Suzhou Industrial Park. The theme of this biennale is "Initial Heart Watching Civilization Blending". The exhibition will last for 70 days. The eight theme exhibitions are organically linked with 22 parallel exhibitions, combined with theme forums, "Mobile Art Museum" sightseeing bus line and other activities. Committed to creating a professional, integrated, and nationwide art event throughout the city. This is the first urban biennale held in China under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control. The event was also included in the activities of the branch venue of the Jiangnan Culture and Art Festival and integrated into the "Gusu 8:30" night economic activity.

In his speech, Wu Weishan said that urban development cannot be separated from economic construction and the nourishment of culture. The growth and development of art requires not only the efforts of artists, but also the support of the government and the love of the people. Since the Jinji Lake Biennale has been held for five times, a series of exhibitions and activities with different themes have been built around the eternal core of "people". The Jinji Lake Biennale walked to the streets of Suzhou, on the ground, in the sun, and through a wealth of art works, it interprets the artist’s understanding of contemporary life, and also reflects the aesthetic needs of the people, presenting contemporary characteristics and Suzhou characteristics .

Zhong Chengxiang pointed out that the development of a city requires both economic indicators and cultural signs. The Jinji Lake Biennale realized the exploration of "creative transformation" and "innovative development" of traditional culture, and provided a path and direction for the inheritance and development of culture. In the future, it is hoped that while building an economic highland, the park will further explore the potential for cultural integration and development, so that the park will become a new highland for cultural development and a model for urban cultural construction across the country.

As a landmark art feast by the Jinji Lake, this biennale gathers domestic first-class artists and top art works. The eight themed exhibitions include "Zhongwuzhi Contemporary Art Exhibition" and "Sounds from the Seine River——" "Exhibition of Sculpture Academician of the French Academy of Arts in the National Art Museum of China" "Chinese Youth Sculpture Art Exhibition" "Insert Things-New Art Under the Harmony of Civilization" "Qin-Exploration of the "Water-oriented" Created from the Traditional Spirit" Rhyme Jiangnan-Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Paintings by Young Artists" "Buddhism, Confucianism, Art, Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition" "Source·Enlightenment-2020 International Pastel Painting Masters Exhibition".

On the same day, the Jinji Lake Biennale Academic Forum was held concurrently. The forum was hosted by Wu Weishan and invited hundreds of well-known scholars, critics, artists, etc. in the art world at home and abroad. The topics were "Chinese and foreign art exchanges from the perspective of civilization blending" and "The original intention and keeping watch in artistic creation". The main line of the exhibition is to explore the integration of human civilization from an artistic perspective, promote international artistic recognition and cultural identity, enhance the academic influence of the Jinji Lake Biennale, and provide suggestions for the development of Suzhou culture and art.