Gao Suodu participated in OCAT Xi'an "Shadow Lover"

  • Date: 2021.03.02
  • Sort: News

OCAT Xi'an is pleased to present Shadow Lovers, an exhibition curated by curator Yang Xi with the participation of artists Gao Suodu, Leng Guangmin, Wang Xiaoqu, and Zhang Si, in Spring 2021. The exhibition hopes to explore the way artists create paintings and images today through the "perspective of photography" or "the idea of photography".

The early invention of photography influenced the way of observation of artists such as Munch, Gauguin, and Van Gogh. They often used photographic images as their source material in order to help complete their work. But the constant innovation of technology has gradually turned "photography" into an everyday gesture. Especially in the current era of screens and the Internet, "photography" is like a ghost floating around in our lives through the screen, changing the original order of space and time, which has broadened the concept of "photography" from a practical and operational attribute to a "photographic concept" and a "photographic reality". This makes the concept of "photography" broaden from a practical and operational property to a "photographic concept" that follows reality.

"Shadow Lovers" is a description of the "fun" in the artist's works. As a sensual form of concept, "fun" happens to hit a target that is beyond the reach of concepts and notions, and it can restore the specific tendencies of artistic ideas and the psychological experiences of subjects and individuals. "Fun" is just like the shadow of "concept" and its shadow, fun is not a single aesthetic product, it is dependent on the growth of the individual, but also has an inseparable relationship with social reality, it emphasizes the significance of the network of social relations from the other side, can accurately It reveals the sensual expression of artistic concepts and has an accurate analysis and revelation of the social function of reality.

We have selected four artists with different understandings of painting, but through their photographic works, we have outlined the logic of "fun" in the creation of painting. In this, their "photographic way" is revealed, like the moment when a beam of light is directed at something, the immediate state of light and shadow, so that the inner clues common to both photography and painting are simply and directly revealed, like a "shadow lover" being like a "shadow lover" being revealed in front of the work.

Gao Suodu, an artist living in Baotou, often focuses his camera on the realistic and bizarre scenes, in order to ask about the emotions of his hometown and construct an apartment of memory about the city's changes from the symbols under his camera. In his paintings, however, he intentionally hides those emotions and instead uses a strong formal language to reveal the visual properties of external objects.

The exhibition will present the photography and painting of the four artists together, and through the selection and juxtaposition of images in a specific spatial treatment, the audience will participate in the construction of "fun" behind the artists' works, and will be incited to their own memories, fantasies and even thoughts, activating the "shadow lover" in each other's hearts. "Shadow Lover" in each other.

The exhibition will be on view from March 13, 2021 to May 30, 2021