Tan Yingjie participated in "Candy Boom: Young artist new power Group Exhibition" at K11,

  • Date: 2021.04.25
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Title: Candy Boom: Young artist new power

ART CONNEXION / chi K11 art space in Guangzhou K11 Art Mall, Guangzhou

2021.4.23 - 6.14

Tan Yingjie participated in the latest exhibition "Candy Boom: Young artist new power Group Exhibition" which opened in K11, Guangzhou on April 23, showing several installation works.

In the "Candy Boom" exhibition, artists use the ordinary objects which are not interrelated in daily life to be combined and spliced absurdly, and promote new significance and order. The sweet appearance is wrapped with sharp core, and the magnificent luster conceals huge power, which vibrates us, and stimulates us to reflect on the complex living situation.

Tan Yingjie's two feelings constitute the inducement of this exhibition: one is the nightmare about snow on black and white TV when he was a child, and the other is the premonition that he is about to be isolated in the real world.These two feelings are related to information and information copy respectively. Information will automatically produce a large number of copies in the dissemination. They are ubiquitous, crazy and spread, which brings endless anxiety to people. In a group of works, such as"ocean" and "pigeon" and "hidden information", artists combined to construct a grand scene to describe the process by reusing daily objects. Around us, information dissemination has created numerous sensational events, but it is often hard to find the source and the truth. Being wrapped in information but unable to trace it back is a sub-health of the era, and artists try to reveal the symptoms.

Tan Yingjie, born in Hunan in 1992, graduated from the Sculpture Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2016. Recently, space devices are the main practice, and involve in many media such as image, behavior, text and so on. His creation constructs multiple narrative structure and space experience by involving personal experience into different spaces, and discusses the physical tactile feeling in space. The main projects include: imagine that you are roaming (husand space, 2020); White component performance projects (husand space / UCCA living room, 2019), etc.